TTF member, Raif Derrazi shows us what to expect from a typical doctor’s appointment with your HIV Specialist

Ever wondered what it’s like to, not only live with HIV, but to regularly monitor your health and what that process looks like? Well, you’re in luck, kids…my doctor (Dr Jay Gladstein) was gracious enough to allow a camera into my appointment so that we could capture it all for you. During my appointment: -My HIV medication was changed from Genvoya to the latest and greatest (Biktarvy) -We discussed whether it’s safe to take fitness/bodybuilding supplements while on medication for HIV -We went over my vitals -I got my blood drawn -And gave a urine sample (no behind-the-scenes footage there..) Thank you and shout-out to my videographer, Julio Lam!


Snapchat: rderrazi




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