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The Thrive Tribe was conceived as a community for HIV positive gay men but we now accept all gay and bi men who share are vision. We do have some straight as well as a few transgender members. We are an inclusive organization and don’t discriminate.

We believe that a group is only as strong as the involvement of its membership. We are also dedicated to the privacy of our members and improving the lives of all those effected by HIV. For these reasons, we require each potential member to meet for a one-on-one in-person New Member Orientation. It is mandatory, funand an informative process. We cover TTF advocacy, advancements in stopping HIV transmission, privacy, and the numerous social, educational & networking opportunities. It is also an opportunity to review the healthcare delivery system of each member to help others and many times improve the care of the new member.

Yes, all those that attend the one-on-one orientation and are interested are invited to join the group. However, we do have strict privacy rules and a code of conduct that must be followed for continued membership. The group is not for everyone but we encourage and welcome robust participation. A group is only as valuable to a member as their dedication.

No! Most of our members are rather private about their HIV status/PrEP use and we respect their right to disclose at their own pace or not at all. We are a VERY private group. We are not a flag-waving organization. When we are in public, people most often perceive us as a really fun group of good friends.

There is NO mandatory cost for membership and all of our counseling and healthcare navigation services are provided free of charge. However, we do ask that all members who are able make regular tax-deductible donations to keep.

Some events are free and other events have a nominal fee. We work to get reduced group rates when possible. We ONLY charge what it costs to produce the event or buy the tickets. The events we host are NOT a source of revenue. If you are unable to afford an event, let us know. We foster a leave-no-one behind attitude and endeavor not to exclude people based on financial need. It’s likely that another generous member will sponsor you. Someday, when you’re able, you’ll return the favor by helping out another member in need. We also offer opportunities to those that want to volunteer a portion of the time during an event in exchange for free attendance.

Yes, we depend on them! We welcome donations and sponsorships of all kinds. The Thrive Tribe is a non-profit group. While there is NO mandatory membership fee, we need all the support we can get to keep our community Thriving. We recommend a $10 per month donation from members who can afford it, and for those generous angels who can afford more, bring it on! For those who cannot afford to donate, we request your volunteer help.

Yes we allow HIV partners to attend most of our events. We also encourage partners to join The Tribe. On occasion, The Tribe hosts negative-only or positive-only space. At these functions, we ask members to respect the need for the open communal sharing which may only be fostered in a “shared status” environment.

Our median age is 34, but we have guys from 19-70. About 30% of the group is sober and we respect their decision to stay sober. We have both single guys and couples in the group. 70% of the guys are single and The Tribe is a great place to meet both friends and dates. Our demographic makeup is 45% Caucasian, 35% Hispanic, 11% African American, and 9% Asian American. We continually strive to reflect the makeup of Southern California.

The organization is privately funded. We do not apply for government grants that have onerous reporting requirements or dictate the “message’. We aim to be nimble and change as the virus and member concerns change. We take ZERO money from pharmacies, doctors or insurance agents for any of our referrals. Member & community donations, private grants and fundraisers are the vast majority of our funding. The event fees are simply to cover the costs associated with the events.

Yes, sometimes, but our events are not centered around alcohol. It’s not a big part of what we do or who we are. About 30% of The Tribe is part of the sober community. These members assist one another in their sobriety in numerous ways and the Tribe as a whole is very supportive of our sober friends.

Absolutely! We love when our members help out… and there’s so much to do. We constantly need help planning and alerting members of upcoming events. There are numerous committees, work groups, and fundraisers where you can lend your talents. We sometimes need assistance translating, giving rides to doctor appointments and outings. Some newly diagnosed members appreciate a “buddy” checking in regarding their adherence to their meds or to sobriety programs. If you have specific skills that you think might be helpful, don’t hold back! The Thrive Tribe is volunteer driven and led.

TTF represents and agrees that it does not and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation or opinion, medical condition, or pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition. TTF will take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation or opinion, medical condition, or pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition.  Such action shall include, but not be limited to the following:  employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoffs or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship.  TTF agrees to include in all solicitations or advertisements for employment and to post in conspicuous places, available to employees and applicants for employment, notices setting forth the provisions of this nondiscrimination clause.


The Thrive Tribe Membership includes both HIV positive and negative men and our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and respectful environment whereall of our members gather in fellowship. Privacy of each individual’s positive status, PrEP use or other men’s health issues is considered confidential. This means if someone shares information with you at an event YOU should keep it to yourself. While attending events where alcohol is available we ask that you please drink and act responsibly at all times. Some events are hosted in the personal residence of members or other advocates. We ask that you please be respectfuland conscientious towards the personal property of the host venue. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of illicit substances at EVERY event. The use of tobacco, Vape, and medicinal THC is permitted in designated areas only.

  1. Event Types:The Thrive Tribe conducts events that are public, private, status specific, etc. The first sentence in the description of each event will clearly state the type of event and its definition. We ask members to respect these rules. For privacy reasons, events for “positive” only members will be password protected on the website.

  2. Registration: Because many events reach capacity, event registration MUST be done through our website (thethrivetribe.org). Using the Facebook Event “Going” link is notconsidered a registration.

  3. Photos: Only event photos taken by our approved photographer are posted on our online “Gallery” and they include a disclaimer that no assumption should be made regarding status. Members who do not wish to be photographed at an event should simply let the photographer know. If you would like a photo of you removed from the “Gallery,” please email josea@thethrivetribe.org.

  4. Funds from Events: Our community events such as forums, skating, movie nights,etc. are revenue neutral. We only charge what the event costs The Tribe. We strive to NOT turn anyone away due to financial need and maintain a “Give When You Can – Ask When In Need Policy.” Each member is given the opportunity to donate a ticket to a member in need. Members in need are encouraged to email events@thethrivetribe.org to obtain donated tickets. Donated tickets are tax deductible.

  5. Check in at the door: For privacy concerns we ask ALL members to check in at events. Non-members or guests MUST be accompanied by a member OR have been alerted of their attendance by the referring member in advance of the event.

  6. Private Photos at events: Pictures/selfies taken at events should ONLY be posted on social media with the permission of the person in the picture. See privacy rule #4 for more details on social media posting.

  1. Disclosure:The Tribe is not a “flag waving” organization. HIV & PrEP disclosure is a personal decision and we understand the need for some to keep their status private from work, family, or friends.

  2. Member Lists:We do NOT publish, sell or disclose our membership list to anyone – including the members. If you want to meet the guys, attend our events!

  3. Secret Facebook: We maintain voluntary Secret Facebook pages for both the Brotherhood and Friends, which is not accessible to anyone outside the group. Members can remove themselves anytime and “posts” cannot be shared outside the feed.The Tribe maintains FULL editorial control over ALL posts.Each member MUST follow the Guidelines listed on the Secret FB Pages.

  4. Private Social Media:While we allow the use of the name “Thrive Tribe” on personal public social media posts,we do NOT permit the use of the words “Brotherhood” or “Friends” in connection with any photo to avoid outing others. “brotherhood” and “friends” may be used in general terms, without connection to any individual,only to explain the purpose of the Organization. See the Advocacy Rules and Outreach section below for further guidance.

  5. Tribe Communication: All communication from The Thrive Tribe is sent to individual members through secure servers and as a “bcc.”

  6. Health Issues: We encourage our members to reach out to our caseworkers or friends on our secret social media pages. All orientation staff and volunteers have received HIPPA (Health Information Privacy and Portability Act) training and ALL shared healthcare issues are kept strictly confidential.

We engage in the following methods of communication; we ask members to stay engaged in all modes of communication and check the website often for updates.

  1. Emails
  2. Mass Text Service
  3. The Thrive Tribe Website
  4. Public FB Page
  5. Secret Facebook Page:  To be added to the  page, let the member who conducts your orientation or other staff members and send a Private Message requesting to be added.

If any member violates our rules, code of conduct, discloses anyone’s positive status or PrEP participation, or engages in activity that would harm the group, it should be reported immediately using the Member Comment Form on the website. Members who report violations are guaranteed anonymity.The reported incident will be explored by staff & the Board Member who Chairs the Member Advisory Committee (MAC) and both parties will be talked to individually unless the report was made anonymously. If one or both members are found to be in violation, they can be placed on probation or have their membership revoked. The member can appeal revocationof membership to the Executive Committee of the Foundation Board.

Members with specific service issues are asked to respect the chain of command and responsibility within the organization.

  1. Healthcare Services: members should first speak with the Connection to Care Coordinator and then the CEO if more attention is required.
  2. Events or Fundraising: members should first speak with the Fundraiser Coordinator and then the CEO if more attention is required.
  1. Volunteers: should first speak with their specific volunteer coordinator followed by the Chief Volunteer Coordinator followed  the CEO if more attention is required.
  2. Board Members:Members of the Board volunteer their time and are not involved in the day-to-day operation of the Tribe. Board members will refer Tribe members with concerns to staff and/or the Member Advisor Committee Chair (MAC).

We believe in the four HIV statuses and the responsibilities of each member of the community:

#1The Undetectable among us are not to be feared but embraced and celebrated. Consistent treatment is shown to virtually eliminate the spread of HIV. We are committed to ending HIV once and for all.

#2 The PrEPared among us, who feel it necessary for their sexual health– should have, obtain, & use PrEP effectively and responsibly. We believe in supporting them in solutions that work for them.

#3The Positive among us should reach out for treatment, get undetectable, end their isolation and no longer fear the stigma. We believe the community must support them on their journey to hope.

#4 The Negative among us must get tested at least quarterly, use whatever prevention methods work for their lifestyle 100% of the time, and reach out for treatment if circumstances change.

We are a community with a specific goal of ending HIV transmission and stigma. We ask members to advocate for these causes in whatever way works for them and their individual situation. Here are some ideas/best practices:

  1. PrEP & Undetectable indications on meet up apps are encouraged.

  2. Refer all positive men you come in contact with to our website for membership. You can literally be saving a life and/or relieving a tremendous amount of stress.

  3. Refer guys with questions about PrEP and undetectability to our website under the “Recent HIV News” tab for the latest updates.

  4. Bring positive men, poz-friendly men, and PrEPsters to appropriate events. This is how we grow and continue to break down walls.

Navigating HIV healthcare options is a complex and daunting endeavor. The Thrive Tribe lends a helping hand and guides members in navigating these services. At our core we are a peer-to-peer organization linking members to options that are already available. Recommendations are based on member input and evaluations. Each member is required to personally participate in their own healthcare. Essentially, we will not “do it for you” but we can point you in the right direction.

  1. Enrollment assistance and troubleshooting for the following programs at our Connection to Care Center:

    1. AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

    2. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

    3. Office of AIDS Heath Insurance Premium Support Program (OA HIPP)

  2. Make the following recommendations(we have no financial relationship with the providers of these services; recommendations are based on member experiences):

    1. Physicians

    2. Health insurance

    3. Pharmacies

    4. Other relevant HIV/AIDS health services

  3. Make referrals to MediCal/Medicare

  4. Make referrals to AIDS Services Organizations (ASOs), when needed

  5. Re-enrollment assistance;we will help you enroll in the above programs and will assist in re-enrollment when the time comes

How We Do It In our New Member Orientation; members’ current healthcare status and needs are evaluated.Barriers to care are identified and assistance is provided in overcoming obstacles. We constantly assist members overcome new barriers they encounter. What We Do NOT Do(We can, in some cases, refer you to agencies who can assist in these areas)

  1. Provide any medical or clinical services

  2. Provide mental health services, including psychiatry, psychology or psychotherapy

  3. Housing services or residential care

  4. Drug and alcohol treatment

  5. Oral healthcare

  6. Hospice

  7. Nutrition therapy or nutrition support

  8. Legal services

  9. Financial assistance of any kind

What You Do The choice to live a healthy life and remain in care is made by each member. Members are ultimately responsible for and are expected to participate in their healthcare. Personal responsibly for your health is a core component to achieving our mission to end HIV.