“The movie we are going to see” Promoting a film about AIDS in the 1990’s by confronting the very stigma surrounding the topic

A short film titled “La peli que vamos a ver” (“The movie we are going to go see”) by Roberto Pérez Toledo con Fran Antón y Javier Santiago cleverly uses the topic of  fighting HIV stigma in order to promote the release of the movie: “120 beats per Minute” a film that takes place in France, in the early 90s. A group of activists known as ‘Act Up’ fight against government indifference by those affected by HIV / AIDS. Amid demonstrations, protests, debates and dance parties, Nathan, a newcomer to the group, falls in love with Sean, an energetic and passionate boy who spends his last breath in this powerful and emotional struggle.

In the short film, a couple in bed are trying to decide which movie to go see. One of them wants to go see 120 Minutes per Minute, but his partner gives him all sort of excuses of why he wouldn’t want to go see a movie about AIDS, exposing his own stigma about HIV.

The short film can be viewed below. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have subtitles as it was produced for an audience in Spain. The trailer of the movie, 120 Minutes per Minute can be seen further below and it contains subtitles. The movie is currently playing in theaters across the Los Angeles area.