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Originally from the panhandle of Florida, Richy graduated from FSU with a BS in Business Management / Marketing in 2001. After graduating he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he lived until  moving to Los Angeles in January 2016. He and his husband own a Holiday Décor Company with offices both in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Richy was on the Board of Directors of Jerusalem House form 2012-2015.  In 2011 Richy started DRAGAVANZA EVENTS, a series of fundraising events for charities in Atlanta which has raised over $61,000 since its inception. Charities in Atlanta that were the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the DRAGAVANZA EVENTS were:

 Jerusalem House: Atlanta’s oldest and largest non -profit in Atlanta providing housing for low income and homeless individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

Lost-N-Found Youth: Atlanta’s only non- profit working to get homeless LGBT Youth off the street and into stable housing.

Ready4Hope: Charity organization which host event throughout the year raising funds for Atlanta AIDS Walk.