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We are healthy, spirited, dedicated and focused on the community through which we care for one another. Our sense of “Tribe” and our commitment to each other is the key to our massive growth and expanding vision. We make an effort to savor life whenever the opportunity allows. This dedication to thrive despite our “status” is what makes us stand out. It’s what makes us The Thrive Tribe.

Some of our members have agreed to share their picture, a little about their journey or their experience with The Thrive Tribe. It is our version of the modern, virtual survivors quilt. We recognize our history and celebrate the sacrifice of the brothers that walked this path and are no longer with us. We stand proudly with positive and negative men ‘thriving’ in this new era of HIV – ready to make a difference and leaving our mark.

The members in these photos are both positive and negative in status – fulfilling our vision #lovestigmafree


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