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It Takes a Tribe is a weekly meeting for our members struggling with single or multiple addictions, HIV status or stigma issues, or other mental health challenges. This is a solution oriented, judgment-free space, where we practice keeping it real, supporting our friends, and building a community within our community. We at Thrive Tribe Foundation understand that sometimes doing it alone is hard, and often…It Takes a Tribe.
Although this meeting will utilize some of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Buddhist Recovery and Smart Recovery, including anonymity, it will not be spiritually based. As a group, we will not condemn, disagree or discourage attendance or belief in any other 12 step or recovery program. We simply are choosing to focus on other areas of our life. This way we don’t eliminate those who are looking for recovery, but not wanting to follow a spiritual path or those who are.
Twice a month we will follow the meeting with organized fellowship activities, such as game night, cooking classes, karaoke, etc.
We encourage all whom are interested to come. You are definitely not alone!

For more information, contact Lane Janger at: 310-625-5263 or at lanej@thethrivetribe.org

“ITAT continues to be a place where everyone can feel safe to be open, honest and vulnerable about any HIV-related issues they struggle with.  Members offer invaluable  weekly support and share their experience in such important areas as addictions, mental health, sexual health, careers/jobs, housing and more.  No one has to do this alone – It Takes a Tribe!”
Group member


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