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Is dating alive and well? The up and coming gay generations in Los Angeles seem to be trending towards staying single. Dates are acceptable, but only as a “hang out.” Forget about dating! Commitment is a thing of the past, right? This month’s topic looks at the trends of dating (or not dating) among gay men. How do you prefer to hang?

Topic Questions:
1. Do you prefer dating or hanging out?
2. How does the concept of “I can do better” feed into hanging out?
3. Is this something happening nationwide?
4. Are the upcoming generations less concerned with finding a significant other?
5. How would you get out of the “Hangout Zone?”
6. How have the apps affected the dating scene and commitment?
7. Does social media complicate building a relationship?

West Hollywood Library, Community Conference Room – Park Level
(Validated parking is available in the 5 story parking structure – park on level 3 for easy access to the room)
625 North San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

*Food & Beverage Provided*