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Topic: Acceptance
Everyone has a perspective and emotional attachment to what they believe is right or wrong. Today´s world is witnessing some of the most extreme reactions to contrast. In the past year alone the world has endured 883 terrorist attacks, not to mention the civil riots and smaller-scale attacks. The U.S. alone has 10,747 homicides so far this year. This month´s topic discusses the idea that acceptance, for oneself and others, is a peaceful way to bring change to the world that exposes fear and hatred on a daily basis.
Topic questions:
1. What does acceptance mean to you?
2. Is acceptance something that is learned?
3. How can acceptance bring out the change you´d like to see?
4. What are examples of acceptance you see in life today?
5. What´s the difference tolerance and acceptance?
6. What are ways you practice acceptance in your life?

625 North San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069