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Peer to Peer Empowerment

The Thrive Tribe has provided assistance, consultation, and support to thousands of men. Our new member orientations are provided free of charge and provide a safe open forum for positive men to share their experiences, concerns and successes with another poz-brother. Thousands of these peer-to-peer orientations have helped us build real-world tools and strategies to assist each subsequent member navigate their HIV journey with ease and support.

Our educational seminars, forums, and online outreach have literally helped thousands of positive and negative men impacted by HIV. We provide a fresh, up-to-date perspective on HIV in the modern era that builds on lessons learned and provides fact-based counsel to overcome fear and mis-information. The goal is not only to help positive men realize the benefits of life-saving treatments but to remain in the continuity of care for their well being and to stop the spread of the virus.