Elton John AIDS Foundation Announces nearly 1.6 million in Grants to 26 organizations including Thrive Tribe Foundation

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Orren Plaut, Thrive Tribe Foundation’s CEO received the following notification from the Elton John AIDS Foundation:

Dear Orren ,

Today, the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) proudly announced nearly $1.6 million in grants to 26 organizations addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in critical and innovative ways. This final grant cycle brings EJAF’s total investments for 2017 to almost $9.5 million, and builds on the Foundation’s ongoing strategy to strengthen organizations doing essential work at local and national levels throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

“The Elton John AIDS Foundation remains deeply committed to supporting organizations working to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic,” said EJAF Chairman David Furnish.  “At a time when HIV transmission rates remain high for vulnerable populations, and funding for programs that advance the health and human rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS is being dramatically reduced, now is as critical time as ever to continue providing resources that help meet the needs of people affected by the disease.”

A complete list of all 26 grants is posted at www.ejaf.org.

We are deeply grateful to all of our generous and loyal donors for supporting EJAF’s lifesaving work.


Scott P. Campbell
Executive Director

In this grant-making cycle, EJAF is continuing to prioritize marginalized populations who often face significant barriers to care and resources and have a uniquely heightened risk of contracting HIV: LGBT people, Black people, HIV-positive people in the criminal justice system, sex workers, and young people in the United States and Puerto Rico, Colombia, Jamaica, and Mexico.

“We believe it’s vital to invest in organizations and leaders working to address the unique needs of the communities they serve,” said EJAF Executive Director Scott Campbell. “Whether that means bolstering support for people who use drugs in Mexico or supporting state-level advocacy efforts in the U.S. South, aggressively investing in grassroots organizations is key to achieving an AIDS-free generation.”

Thrive Tribe Foundation is one of the 26 organizations benefitting from these grants as listed in their website:

The Thrive Tribe Foundation, West Hollywood, CA
Renewal Grant:  $25,000
Grant Name:  Thrive Tribe ADAP/OA-HIPP Enrollment Assistance

Organization Description:  The mission of The Thrive Tribe Foundation is to achieve zero transmission of HIV with or without a cure, by reinventing the HIV story and developing connected communities through support and education. The Thrive Tribe Foundation is a peer-based and peer-led organization applying today’s science to this 30+ year epidemic to actually reduce HIV transmission below the 50,000+ per year America has been stuck at since 1998. The Foundation employs a unique formula which includes connection to treatment for the positive and access to PrEP for negative men.

Project Description: This grant renews support for the Thrive Tribe Foundation’s efforts to deliver and expand services, increase outreach, and link young gay and bisexual men to care and a network of peer support when a barrier is realized.  The goals of the project are to (1) attract, engage, and involve members in peer-based and peer-led programs; (2) develop more HIV-positive leaders for the organization; and (3) increase the number of high-risk HIV-negative gay and bisexual men enrolled in PrEP and other HIV prevention services.

80% of new Thrive Tribe members attend at least one of the stigma-free social events offere by the group, with a retention rate of 15% that regularly attend subsequent weekly or monthly functions. The Tribe’s goal is to increase this retention rate to 30% through enhanced follow-up communications including: mass e-mail and text services, Facebook marketing, direct marketing, and phone campaigns.

The Tribe also is working to train more HIV-positive volunteers to become leaders for activities such as greeting,  introducing, and mentoring new members at the events, assisting with phone campaigns, relationships with donors, and recruiting new members through apps like Grindr.  The goal is to increase membership from 300 to 600 members over the next 8 months.

The Tribe’s Connection to Care Center (an ADAP/HIPP enrollment site) averages 48 appointments per month. Their goal is to increase this by 20% to 60 appointments per month. On average, the Tribe connects five men to PrEP services per month and three HIV-positive men to better care. Their goal is to double that metric to 10 men on PrEP per month and 6 HIV-positive men to better care over the next 8 months through increased communication social media platforms and training PrEP Advocates (members who already take PrEP) to run peer-to-peer orientations for new PrEP members.



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