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Doug Walters has been an HIV/LGBT advocate for over 30 years.  As a student at UCLA during the 1980’s, he worked to get accurate HIV education to the campus population through auditorium-packed lectures to combat misinformation that nearly resulted in people with HIV/AIDS in being quarantined in California through a state ballot measure.  He fought to restore publication of the campus LGBT newsmagazine, TenPercent, to give the community a needed voice at the table and helped to secure funding for the first campus same-sex dances, AIDS literature and condom availability and became the first openly gay ASUCLA Board Director.  With 7 other brave students, he founded the first University-approved gay fraternity chapter, Delta Lambda Phi, to help gain an equal footing for gay students who were routinely expelled from the Greek system.  Upon graduating, he founded Lambda Alumni which helped create visibility for the larger alumni community through LGBT scholarships.
As a long time employee of the City of Los Angeles, Doug serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer for LA Sanitation to protect public health and the environment through purifying and recycling water, improving water quality in our River, lakes and beaches and diverting waste from landfills and pollution from climate vulnerable communities.  Active in the local sports community for many years, he founded VOILA, the local gay volleyball club and produced “Spike For Pride” tournaments held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion to raise money for AIDS and LBGT causes.  As a way to protest the lack to support for people with AIDS, he rode a friend’s bicycle in the very first CA AIDS Ride in 1994 and has raised over $50K for AIDS riding his own bike each decade since.  He actively recruits and mentors young students to strive to reach their goals.  As a CA registered Professional Civil Engineer and a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, he travels and speaks to many organizations and cities to help them become a more sustainable community.  He is grateful for the opportunity to share his enthusiasm and skills with the Thrive Tribe to help provide stability and a stronger connection to members currently leading “A Place to Call Home” campaign.