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Chris Villalobos is the Connection to Care Manager and helps connect the members to the social services available and navigate the healthcare system, placing members in better care.

Chris is a newer member of the HIV+ community, only 3.5 years, but it has shaped his outlook on social services and giving back to others. As the owner of Lucky Logan’s Cleaning Services, Chris began his work in the gay community, but it wasn’t until he took control of his own healthcare that he realized what he really wanted to do.

Volunteering spare time to learn the healthcare system, as well as enrolling members in programs such as ADAP and OA HIPP, he was able to put the needs of his fellow members first to help them better their healthcare situations.

He is an avid car-singer and karaoke fiend, as well as the first person to act a fool on the dance floor. Being a goof and not taking life too seriously have always been his best medications for life.