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Advocate & Entertainment Guru Michael Hennessey Celebrates Life with AIDS


August 1990 the autumn leaves where falling, actor Michael Hennessey was the given the diagnoses that he only had 9 years to live. He had contracted HIV which moved into full blown AIDS from 1997 until 2011. He fought daily and overcame his AIDS diagnosis and now inspires the world as MIRACLE MIKE.

Miracle Mike shared […]

Scientists have identified an antibody that neutralises 98% of HIV strains


We’re closer than ever to an HIV vaccine.


Scientists have discovered an antibody produced by an HIV-positive patient that neutralises 98 percent of all HIV strains tested – including most of the strains that are resistant to other antibodies of the same class.

Due to HIV’s ability to rapidly […]

‘Finding Prince Charming’ Star Talks HIV Stigma, Hookup Apps & the Perfect Date


This USB Stick Can Perform HIV Test With 95% Accuracy In 20 Minutes


Short Bytes: As a major breakthrough in HIV treatment, the scientists at Imperial College of London and UK biotech company DNA Electronics have created a new HIV test that’s carried out using a USB stick. In the trials, the device tested about 1,000 samples with 95% accuracy with an average test time of 21 minutes. […]

Gay men are battling a demon more powerful than HIV – and it’s hidden


Mental distress triggered by deep-rooted homophobia in society drives many LGBT people to abuse drink and drugs, and to harm themselves.

by Owen Jones

It had been three years since I’d met up with my first boyfriend – let’s call him Steven. When he walked into a Brixton pub in June, it was a shock. I’d first […]

A new antibody therapy appears to have permanently blocked HIV infection in monkeys


Human trials have already started.

14 OCT 2016

 A new type of antibody therapy appears to have completely blocked the primate equivalent of HIV in infected monkeys.

More than two years after the treatment, the monkeys are now drug free, have no symptoms, and there are almost no […]

Less than 100% adherence to HIV therapy, even with viral suppression, can lead to more inflammation and immune activation

Michael Carter
Published: 12 October 2016

Research involving men taking antiretroviral therapy, all with an undetectable viral load, has shown that imperfect adherence to therapy is associated with higher levels of key markers of inflammation and immune activation. The study is published in the online edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases. The authors believe their findings […]

Eric Leonardos reveals his HIV+ status on National Television


One of our tribe members, Eric Leonardos, a participant in Logo TV’s “Finding Prince Charming,” chose to reveal his HIV status in the latest episode that aired on October 6, 2016.

Here is an interview by Dan Avery, Editor in Chief of NewNowNext:

“Finding Prince Charming”: [SPOILER] Tells Robert He Is HIV-Positive
“I knew going in that if I […]

Scientists have accurately modelled a virus invading a cell for the first time


Know your enemy.

For the first time, scientists have created an accurate simulation of a virus invading a cell, and say it could lead to anti-viral therapies that are much more effective than the ones we rely on today.

The experiment was designed to examine how the protein shell of a virus, known […]

The interactive national PrEP Provider Directory through Emory University and MAC AIDS Fund is live.


Researchers from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University unveiled a new website, www.preplocator.org, that will allow users to locate a medical provider or clinic that can prescribe Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection. If taken daily, PrEP helps prevent the transmission of HIV.

The website will be introduced at the […]

The Latest News on PrEP


Taken once daily, the pill Truvada can prevent HIV. It’s safe, effective, FDA -approved, and usually covered by health plans. So why are so few gay men taking it?

The gay 40-something well-known New York City doctor with many gay patients — let’s call him Dr. John — can barely talk freely about what he’s doing. […]

Fight Fire with Fire


HIV is now being used to cure other illnesses. This amazing video will bring a tear to your eye and give you hope for a new tomorrow.

HIV Control Through Treatment Durably Prevents Heterosexual Transmission of Virus


NIH-Funded Trial Proves Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-infected People Effective in Protecting Uninfected Partners
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, July 20, 2015: Antiretroviral treatment that consistently suppresses HIV is highly effective at preventing sexual transmission of the virus in heterosexual couples where one person is HIV-infected and the other is not, investigators report today at […]

6 Reasons to Rethink HIV Prevention


The science of sex may be an easy study, but the practice of thinking about science and sex simultaneously can seem impossible. A person may be able to comprehend the science of HIV, but emotions may still lead them to do things that put them at risk.

In an effort to combine the logic of science […]

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