Ending HIV transmission and stigma through peer-to-peer empowerment, building community, and connecting members to care.
The Thrive Tribe Foundation (TTF) is a unique non-profit organization in the fight against HIV. By engaging our members to be active participants in their healthcare, we connect, empower, educate, and grow our community’s awareness on HIV, PrEP, healthcare, and substance abuse recovery.
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Tax ID Number: 46-4093810
Thrive Tribe Gives Back Project: Clothes Drive!
We are a Tribe that gives to a cause much greater than any one person. Please help us support other community organizations to look out for our friends around Los Angeles. TTF is accepting clothing donations (No socks or undies, please) at all events for the months of May and June to give to the Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center on Highland. Nothing too worn down, please, but if you would pass it along to a friend or secondhand store, bring it to the next event!
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Peer to Peer Empowerment

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Peer to Peer Empowerment

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My HIV AIDS Symptoms

September 1st, 2018|0 Comments

TTF member, Raif Derrazi shares: "Before I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2012, I endured a slew of symptoms. A lot of these symptoms are very common for those who have been [...]

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